Blythe Rainey-Cuyler's Bio

Blythe’s parents liked Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem, “To a Skylark”; hence, her first name and her tendency to be blithe-spirited.

Since her early youth she has been drawn to the arts, particularly literature and the dramatic arts. After receiving her M.A. in Communication, Blythe Rainey-Cuyler created multi-media theater arts learning materials for young people; produced two aesthetic education television shows in New York and Los Angeles, and served as executive director of arts organizations throughout the United States. Her love of communication through the arts led her to extensive reading from an early age and to her own writing.

“Alligator Smiles…A Tale of Romance & Hidden Crime Under the Florida Sun”, her debut suspense novel, is loosely based on her experiences working in Florida. Her second novel, “Tinseltown Dreams…Love & Death in Hollywood, 1982” (availability to be announced), is a diffused reflection of her life and work in Los Angeles during that time period.

Blythe lives in Belvedere, California where, when not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring San Francisco Bay Area's vibrant arts scene. Her third suspense novel, "On Location with Danger" (availability to be announced) is a sequel to "Tinseltown Dreams" and features several of the characters from that novel. Although a sequel, it is also an exciting "stand alone" read.


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Blythe Rainey-Cuyler

Blythe Rainey-Cuyler